About Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre (KSRSAC)

The Karnataka State Remote Sensing Applications Centre (KSRSAC) was established in the year 1986 and designated as the Nodal Agency for implementation of Remote Sensing (including Photogrammetry) and GIS programmes in the State vide Government Order No. ITD 28 MIS 2002, Bangalore dated 06.08.2002. The KSRSAC will be the repository of the information/data/maps collected by the Centre or by any Government Department, Statutory Board or any Undertaking through GIS and Remote Sensing. The nodal agency will create GIS on base maps and general/common features and provide full services on Remote Sensing and GIS to all the Line Departments. The Line Departments shall consult the KSRSAC before taking up work of updating the GIS data and customization of GIS applications. The updated data is to be transferred to the custody of the Nodal Agency as and when such work is taken up. The nodal agency will work out the planning/architecture of Remote Sensing and GIS implementation/feasibility for new proposals/coding/standardization/training as well as to organize periodic workshops to bring more interaction and co-ordination among the Line Departments. Since then, the KSRSAC has been co-coordinating with and providing required GIS information/maps and training to the Line Departments.

The Executive Committee of KSRSAC is chaired by the Principal Secretary to the Government, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (e-Governance), for guidance and monitoring of the activities. The Principal Secretaries/Secretaries of various Line Departments and subject experts of reputed institutions/ organizations of Central Govt. are members of the Executive Committee with Director, KSRSAC as Member Secretary.


KSRSAC was established in the year 1986 to harness the applications of frontier technologies like Remote Sensing, GIS, Photogrammetry and GPS for sustainable development and management of natural resources in the State. The mandate of the Centre is as follows
a. To act as the nodal agency in the state for all Remote Sensing and GIS activities
b. To assist user departments / organizations / agencies in the implementation of remote sensing survey results and to evaluate their utility
c. To develop an efficient data acquisition and retrieval system and to act as repository (data bank) of various natural resources data relating to remote sensing applications of relevance to the State
d. To assess the remote sensing application needs of various departments and developmental sectors of the state and to coordinate the remotely sensed data requirements of the state
e. To establish, maintain and provide for use by various departments / organizations / agencies in the state, the centralized visual as well as digital remote sensing data analysis / interpretation facilities
f. To acquire and maintain a library of relevant remotely sensed data for the state of Karnataka
g. To assist and provide consultancy services to user departments / agencies in applications areas, selection and procurement of data products, devising appropriate methodologies for execution of projects etc
h. To undertake and co-ordinate short and long term remote sensing surveys/ application projects in various resources / developmental areas
i. To interact, liaise, co-operate and collaborate with the Indian Space Research Organization, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India and its sister institutes besides other National and International Organizations in the field of remote sensing and allied disciplines
j. To organize training programmes, lectures, seminars, workshops and symposia for promotion of remote sensing and GIS technology and its applications
k. To bring awareness amongst the planners and decision makers on the role of remote sensing and GIS technology in efficient management of natural resources
l. To publish and disseminate the results of remote sensing based investigations carried out by the Centre through annual reports, journal articles and other project reports
m. To acquire and maintain a library of relevant thematic maps and ground truth data and
n. To undertake, promote, guide, coordinate and aid research and development in the field of remote sensing and GIS



The headquarters of the KSRSAC is located in the newly constructed building in the GKVK campus with all the facilities to 200 scientists to work. The regional centers at Mysore, Kalaburagi and Bagalkote have sufficient built up space to accommodate all the required facilities and manpower.


Geoinformatics Laboratory

The state of- the –art Geo-informatics laboratory with advanced facilities have been setup at the headquarters and the regional centers at Mysore, Kallburgi and Bagalkote. These labs were equipped with high end computer system and GIS, Image processing and other related software’s. It is possible to generate geospatial data base with good precision and accuracy for many of the projects in a stipulated time.

Photogrammetric Laboratory established at KSRSAC in 2008 is being continuously upgraded with additional software and hardware’s.


Geospatial Data Center

The KSRSAC has a data centre that maintains the geospatial database and the satellite images. These data layers, mostly of natural resources, are available for the use of GoK departments in the developmental activities. In addition the spatial data layers generated/organized under K-GIS mission will also be maintained. The database include mainly Boundaries Thematic maps Transport infrastructure Hydrology layers Departmental Layers/Asset Cadastral Maps Satellite images.